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Waking Up with Sam Harris - On Death

Death is... really an ever-present reality for us. It's always announcing itself, in the background; on the news; in the stories we hear about the lives of others; in our concerns about our own health.

Death makes a mockery of almost everything else we spend our lives doing. Because the truth is none of us know how much time we have in this life, and taking that fact to heart brings a kind of moral and emotional clarity and energy to the present. And it can bring a resolve to not suffer over stupid things.

You've got this moment of life, this beautiful moment. This moment where your consciousness is bright, where it's not dimmed by morphine in the hospital on your last day among the living.

This is your life, the only one you've got, and you'll never get this moment back again. And you don't know how many more moment you have. You've had a thousand chances, to tell the people closest to you, that you love them. In a way that they feel it, and in a way that you feel it, and you've missed most of them.

No matter how many times you do something, there will come a day where you do it for the last time. You've got this one opportunity to fall in love with existence. So why not relax and enjoy your life.

You are in a game, right now, and you can't see the clock, and yet you're free to make the game as interesting as possible, you can even change the rules. You can discover new games that no one has thought of yet. You can literally build a rocket to go to Mars so that you can start a colony there. But whatever you do, however seemingly ordinary, you can feel the preciousness of life. And an awareness of death is the doorway into that way of being in the world.
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